Intercourtage: international & national brokerage for pulses and cereals

Brokerage experts since 1963

While respecting the broker’s code of ethics with extreme vigilance, our team is able to offer all marketing tools! Over-the-counter contract, premium contract, option contract, production contract.

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A team

A team
experts at your service

Located in Bayonne in the Basque Country, Intercourtage Bayonne is currently composed of :

  • 5 cereal / pulses / birdseeds
  • 3 sales assistants (trilingual)
  • 1 administrative manager (human resources and billing)

Our team, whose strength lies in the subtle collaboration of generations from different backgrounds, both professional and geographical, adapts and responds to the needs of each of our customers.

Professionalism,open-mindedness and team spirit are part of our DNA.

One thing is certain: passion and desire are omnipresent at Intercourtage Bayonne.

We are totally committed to our customers, from the negotiation phase, through to the final delivery of the goods.


Experts in grain and pulse brokerage

Our role is to constantly monitor cereal and pulse markets, inform and advise our customers while guaranteeing them fully personalized follow-up. To listen, to serve, to inform, and to do so in complete confidentiality. conclude transactions between importers and exporters and ensure that the contractual obligations of each party are respected so that everything runs smoothly.

Our know-how, backed up by over 60 years’ experience of the grain markets, means that we can master all the nuts and bolts of contractual agreements, as well as the specific execution of each contract, in terms of quality, transport, documentation and payment.

Our commercial rules are based mainly on the rules of the INCOGRAIN, GAFTA and FOSFA contracts.

An international and domestic market

Over the past 60 years, Intercourtage Bayonne has developed and continues to develop a dense international network, mainly in Europe, but also in the Americas, the Orient and Asia.

In this way, we can provide a complete analysis as harvests are carried out in both hemispheres, while keeping pace with the flows they generate.

“The merchandise shown on the map is for information only and is not exhaustive.